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DVSA Theory Test Case Studies

In your Theory Test you will be presented with one case study where you will be required to answer 5 questions that are related to the scenario displayed on screen. The case study will involve a real life situation that a driver could face whilst driving and aims to assess your understanding of road safety issues and not simply your knowledge of it.

Each question will still be in the multiple choice format as with the other Theory Test questions.

You will need to answer 50 multiple choice questions that are: 45 multiple choice questions and 5 multiple choice questions that relate to the case study.

The pass mark for the multiple choice driving theory test is 43/50.

An example of the type of case study question and answers is shown below.

Question 1

Driving Theory test Case Study Question 1


Question 2

Car Case Study Multiple Driving Theory Test Online



Car Case Study Multiple Driving Theory Test Online


Question 4

Car Case Study Multiple Driving Theory Test Online


Question 5

Car Case Study Multiple Driving Theory Test Online


Please note, this is a sample only and is not a real case study used in DVSA testing.


Correct answers

Question 1
- Look over your shoulder for a final check

Question 2
- Slow down

Question 3
- Make the call when you’ve stopped in a suitable place

Question 4
- Allow plenty of room

Question 5
- Wait patiently


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