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1DRIVER website and mobile apps provides everything you need to take you from provisional licence to full driving licence:

- All the latest Official DVSA Theory Test revision questions for car, motorcycle, lorry, and bus

- Official Hazard Perception videos practice online

Traffic Sign Test 

Get ready for your driving theory test twice as fast and save time

System monitors your learning process and it will not give you the same question later if you have answered it correctly at least twice in a row

Here you will find complete resources and tools to study, practice online or on your mobile devices, track your progress, receive guidance and tips on passing the UK driving theory test. test content is fully licensed from the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) - the people who set the tests.

1DRIVER - prepare for your DVSA driving theory test online

Interactive driving course online

We are continuously exploring innovative solutions to assist our students to achieve their driving education goals in the most effective way. We are currently testing a brand new style of online driving theory learning, which involves animated driving situation tests. Please check out some examples here:

Virtual driving lessons for UK drivers online is owned by UAB DRIVINGED, the international specialist provider of online driving theory education. Our other  leading online driving education projects are in Lithuania and in Russia.

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Try interactive driving lessons online. You'll find driving situations with all types of junctions, crossroads, roundabouts and other.

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