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Driving Theory Test Questions and Hazard Perception Videos 2016

Driving Theory Test 2016

The Driving Theory Test has been with us for nearly twenty years now and was introduced to improve the driving skills of all new drivers.  Prior to its introduction only a practical driving test was required to become a fully qualified driver. 

Hazard Perception will be the same in 2016

To assist prospective new drivers in their preparations for the theory test over the coming months it has been announced that the current theory test questions and hazard perception video clips will be the same in 2016.  The basic requirement remains the same though – before booking a practical driving test all learner drivers are required to pass the two-part DVSA theory test.

The theory test is not just a case of learning the answers to as many questions as possible.  Attitudes to driving and road safety are tested alongside the multiple-choice paper consisting of 50 questions.

It is possible to practice online for your test as well as to actually book it online through a dedicated Contact Centre.  Once the test is confirmed a candidate will be advised by letter where the test will take place.

A personal computer is used to take the test and candidates will note that, for extra realism, some questions are based on a case-study scenario of real-life experiences that drivers could encounter. Both the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception parts must be passed. Pass or fail notification is immediate.

Practice online or via mobile phone

The facility to practice either online or via a mobile phone application is extremely useful and many candidates will find this method much more preferable to studying from a book. 

There is obviously a more practical element to studying in this way and, of course, it replicates the conditions that will be faced during the actual theory tests at the test centre.  Learners can even take a mock theory test at no cost to themselves. 

Reading The Highway Code is essential

However candidates must not assume that ALL their preparation can be done reviewing mock tests. There is still essential source material to be used, such as The Highway Code online or book which can be bought from any high street retailer.  A simple test called “Know Your Traffic Signs” is also a useful learning tool. Learners who wish to practice the hazard perception part of the test will need to purchase 1DRIVER membership.

Before your practical test

Any candidate using the above training resources stands a far better chance of first-time success than one who chooses not to study at all.

There is no doubt that there is a lot to learn before you get the chance to improve your practical driving skills and the comprehensive tests are designed to reflect the level of knowledge that is required to be demonstrated by every new driver.

Key points to remember:
- Both parts of the theory test have to be passed – if a candidate fails one part the whole theory test has to be taken again
- The pass mark for the multiple choice section is 43 out of 50 questions (car and motorcycle)
- The hazard perception part consists of 14 video clips and the minimum pass score is 44 out of 75 points

(car and motorcycle).

dvla theory test online 2016

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